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There are an overwhelming number of VA and OBM services available to you out there, and a lot of them are likely capable of handling what you throw at them. But that doesn’t make them the right fit for you and your business. When I started Life Leaders Coaching I knew I would be entering a pretty big segment of service providers, so I knew it was even more important to stand out by approaching my business, and my clients’ businesses, differently than any other VA or OBM service. What makes Life Leaders Coaching different?


One of the first distinctions I made in my business was my niche. Having a deep understanding and a serious passion for the wellness industry, I chose to apply my professional expertise as a business manager to that area. Getting laser-focused on who I was going to serve and why I was serving them is the biggest step I took toward differentiating myself. It’s one thing to say you can manage a client’s day-to-day and help them run their business more smoothly, but I wanted to go deeper than that. I wanted to build a business that allowed me to connect deeply with entrepreneurs and coaches whose businesses I am passionate about. Focusing on health and wellness entrepreneurs allows me to build a relationship with you and anticipate ways I can go above and beyond for you and your business because I understand your business more deeply than your average VA or OBM.


Knowing the clientele I dreamt of working with (and was best qualified to work with – talk about a match made in business heaven), I created an approach to each client and project task to reflect the needs, heartbeat, and vision of that dream clientele.

Each and every detail of Life Leaders Coaching projects embraces our 3 energy centers: mind, heart, and body. I engage each of those viewpoints as we work together to systematically create a synergy between ALL aspects of our lives. I do this for a lot of reasons, but the biggest one is balance. When we tackle your business’ needs with those three energy centers at the forefront of our projects, we avoid that nagging feeling of imbalance and burnout that inevitably comes when you’re ignoring one or more of the centers.

Approaching every aspect of your business, especially the day-to-day VA and OBM tasks me and my team handle for you, with a holistic focus opens us up to be more creative, purposeful, and energetic, together! More energy, more purpose, and more creative inspiration equals conquered business goals.

It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?
By knowing my dream client (yep, that’s you!), and working my hardest to create a work cycle that supports your deepest goals and visions, I’ve built a unique platform for VA and OBM work that you won’t find anywhere but here. So you know you’re taken care of much more deeply than a to do list with checks in all the boxes. What do you say? Is it Time to Lead? Contact Us

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