What does “resiliency” mean in the real world of business?

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What do resilient businesses have in common?

Well, they have a laser-focused owner behind the brand, of course. Not only that, they have a team committed to their success. But, what if you’re a solopreneur? Who is your team if it’s “just you”?

So, this is where I tell you how hiring an assistant completely changed how I run my business.

Initially, I thought it was too expensive or it would be too invasive having to delegate to someone else.

I didn’t want the burden of having to explain things to another person. Or, maybe my thought was that I should wait until my business was making more money.

Truly, the list of reasons why I shouldn’t do it went on and on!

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The truth as to why I was still waiting to hire an assistant?  

I was under the impression that I should be able to do it all. It was a limiting belief that was keeping me confined to the status quo…and from being the kind of coach I know I can be.

My belief system was telling me that asking for help would mean I couldn’t run my own business.

But when I finally hired an assistant, I quickly realized that all the excuses were just that, excuses. The truth is that having help makes me a more successful business owner, a happier wife and a more present mommy when I focus on the high billable projects, and more importantly, stay focused on the things that make my work stand out, I am better able to do what I’m in the business of doing.

Not only did I double my productivity; I seriously doubled my business. Go figure!?

Being attached to old ideas of what I thought having help meant…not only was it pointless, it was detrimental to my growth as an entrepreneur and even as a person.

Maybe you too have felt that you don’t need help in your business, that you’re smart enough. You should be able to figure it all out on your own, right?

Tell me: whose story are you playing in your head? What reasons or excuses are keeping you from building a resilient and growing business?

How would it feel to let go of the constant chaos in your head? To lean forward and focus on the aspects of your business that you truly love and are exceptional at?

To finally feel fully supported?

Having the support you need means breaking through the mental blocks and seeing a clear and direct path to clients, opportunities, recognition and, yes, more money!

It may seem easier to stay put and continue on the same path; I know what it’s like to go through the motions of your daily life.

Kids (no exceptions). Eat (sometimes). Work (always). Sleep (maybe). Rinse and Repeat.

But what about the spark? The inspiration. The ideas. The Resilient Business.
The hard truth is that it takes time to develop a relationship with a new assistant, but with the right strategies in place you will begin to see what you’ve been missing out on all this time.

Seriously, you’re going to kick yourself in the b***.

The key is to let go slooooowly at first; this strategy not only gives your new assistant time to acclimate to you and your needs, it gives you a chance to learn to let go.

As you achieve one objective successfully, give up additional control.

The best part is that by surrounding yourself with other high-achieving, like-minded people, you now have other people from whom you can learn and brainstorm with so you can increase the number of breakthrough moments.

It’s your time! Take a break…from having to be in control of everyone all the time and surround yourself with superstars whose skills complement yours. Show up in a big way and celebrate your clients by offering them the best version of you.

It’s time to make the decision to delegate. Here, let me get you started with Step #1:

Step #1 to a more resilient you. List 5 people in your community or network who consistently support you. 

They could be raving fans who promote you, people who’ve sent you referrals, mentors or mastermind partners who have given you advice or anything else that’s been helpful to you personally and/or professionally.

Now think: to whom could you introduce each of these 5 people who would benefit them in some way? A potential client, collaborator or vendor who is already in your network.

P.S. Need help with getting your hands on a proven strategy, get in touch with me, here!

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