Reframing Delegation to Do What It’s Supposed to Do – Work for You

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Reframing Delegation to Do What It’s Supposed to Do – Work for You

The standard definition of “delegating” is to entrust (a task or responsibility) to another person, typically one who is less senior than you are.

Three common misconceptions about delegating are that:

  1. I’m dumping my stuff on others
  2. People can’t or won’t (want to) help
  3. No one can do (this task) better than I can

What do these statements have in common? They are head- and/or ego-driven, causing analysis by paralysis…

…and analysis paralysis results in all sorts of blocks to the growth of your business and yourself, including but not limited to loss of purpose, little or no self-care, and guilt over not delivering.

So let’s redefine delegation. Instead of thinking of it as telling people what to do, see Delegating as an opportunity to:

  1. Build trust and rapport with others whose skills complement yours
  2. Invite people to “gift” you with the most valuable thing we all have – time!
  3. Teach others something they can learn by doing and thus enrich their lives and enhance their skill set
  4. (Most important of all) function as the leader you are by collaborating with others in support of important work
  5. Build a resilient business around collaboration and teamwork

What do these four opportunities have in common? They are heart-powered, and they bring meaning and purpose to the lives of everyone on your team (including you). The way we typically think about delegating puts everything in the context of a zero sum game – for me to win, you have to lose (read “look less competent than me”). The key to a successful reframing of delegation is to see it as a three-legged stool – collaboration, coordination, and cooperation – in other words, win-win-win!

Tips for successful delegating

  1. Take an inventory of what you’re not good at or don’t have time to do. Ask yourself, “What would make my life easier if I stopped doing this?” “What would be accomplished in less time and more efficiently by someone else and allow for significant progress in the work I do?”
  2. Create a community of people who possess gifts and skills different from yours.
  3. Allow those people to gift you with their time and talents.

Delegating will support you in being your best you with the added bonus of helping others do the same. Everyone wins!

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