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Growing a health and wellness business as a solopreneur is an exhilarating experience with a ton of potential. You can grow by leaps and bounds all by yourself, but in every business venture there is a point where the scale is limited when you’re the only one juggling all the tasks. The only problem is, realizing when you’ve hit that launching point is sometimes almost impossible when you’re buried under all the hats you wear. Here are a few signs to watch out for – if you notice these things coming up again and again, it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant (VA) or an online business management team (OBM) to take the pressure off so you can get back to growing and serving your clients.

1. You’ve hit your max growth as the only one at the helm.

As much as it stinks to admit, you’re only one person. And sure, you’ve got the same number of hours in a day as Beyonce, but we all know Beyonce’s got an amazing team at her side helping her zoom through to-do lists and make each day its best. When you’re running the whole show, you eventually hit a ceiling. If you feel like, no matter how hard you run or how long you burn those candles at both ends, you still aren’t seeing any growth in your business, it’s probably time to bring someone else on.

2. You haven’t made any time for “you” in recent memory.

So much of your work centers around helping your clients and customers live their best lives and take the best care of themselves possible. These things are vitally important and, even though you know that, when business is booming and you’re riding the adrenaline high of watching something you’ve built grow to such heights, it can be hard to tell yourself to stop. When you’ve reached the point where you don’t even know where to begin practicing what you preach again, it’s ok to ask for help. If you have lost touch with how to keep up with your own wellness, reach out to partners who can help you manage your business with your goals, vision, and heart in mind.

3. The administrative tasks have taken over your business growth.

This is why people hit their growth ceiling when they are running a business all on their own. You know how to handle your business, you are an amazing idea generator and you pour your heart and soul into your products and services. What you do? You’re really freaking good at that. You’re SO good at it that people have started pouring in the door. That’s an amazing feeling, but it becomes very difficult to manage when the administrative stuff piles up. It requires attention to sustain your growth pattern, but the amount of attention it takes keeps you from providing the level of service you are committed to. This is the biggest sign it’s time to bring on someone to keep your business running smoothly on the administrative level so you can get back to higher level planning and service providing.

If you are seeing these patterns emerge in your business, don’t give into frustration and throw in the towel. You haven’t maxed out your business’ potential – it’s simply time to hire some help! If you’re ready to keep your growth rolling in the right direction (up!) and stop worrying about the business management, we should talk. [link to contact page]

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