Why I decided to build a brand around resilience

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Long before I decided to become an entrepreneur, I knew resilience played a huge role in my life. Aside from being a naturally optimistic person, I understood that one of my strongest attributes was my ability to bounce back from adversity.

I have found that resilience is much more than just bouncing back; it’s about coming out the other side stronger, more self-aware and empowered. Significantly more confident in my abilities.

Learning that about myself gave me the perfect recipe for personal and professional satisfaction, no matter the circumstance or outcome. All of a sudden, I felt powerful and in complete control of myself. In an instant, I knew I no longer needed to be afraid. My inner knowing told me that, no matter what, everything I’ve ever wanted or will ever want and need is attainable.

We often read about how time management, leadership, and “leaning in” are important to success. In my opinion, the foundation on which you build those skills is resilience. So why do people continue to dismiss it?

If you study successful people, you’ll find that they most often point to their leadership, perseverance and time management skills as reasons for their success. But when you look more closely, chances are you will discover that resilience is the glue that keeps it all together for them.

Long ago, I decided to build my entire life around resilience. I wanted to bring it to the spotlight and give it the respect and credit it deserves. Considering how good it’s been to me, I figured I couldn’t go wrong!

Then I decided to really go out on a limb. I had this unconventional dream I just had to explore. To pursue this dream, I left behind a fruitful twenty-year career in the corporate world to work for myself. And I had the audacity to want to do it on my own terms, to throw away every rule book thrown at me.

I wanted to be an author, a speaker, someone people from all walks of life could learn from. And, it gets even better – I wanted to work only four hours a day, four days a week. And only work with (not for) people who truly wanted to be game changers.

Tall order, right?

Yeah, maybe! I’m a believer in the law of attraction and its metaphysical abilities, but I’ve also never shied away from hard work or a challenge, and yes, being proficiently resilient takes work. But, it’s the quality of that work that matters and not the quantity.

How to master resilience

The hard truth is that resilience takes practice; it’s like learning any other skill. Malcolm Gladwell said it best: “It takes 10,000 hours of ‘deliberate practice’ to become a world-class expert in any subject matter,” and I agree. It also takes self-awareness, patience, and persistence. And it may seem daunting to think you have to spend ten thousand hours of your life focusing on one thing to get good at it.

Funny thing, though, life and the universe provide you with countless opportunities to practice resilience. So, really, your only job is to pay attention and make those opportunities count.

What sets me apart is that I have the ability to see an opportunity and focus my time and attention on it. I don’t allow anything or anyone to distract me from my process.

I’ve been developing my resilience process since I was 4 years old. This means I have more than 250,000 hours of experience. And my process has not failed me even one time.

What’s even more powerful about resilience is that it is readily available, and it’s always at your beck and call, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Whether you’re single, married, a full-time stay-at-home mom or a work-at-home mom like me. Resilience doesn’t racially profile or care how wealthy or poor you are; it never discriminates.

And so my mission is to share my resilience process with others. I want to offer my experience and knowledge as a gift to the world, especially to women.

What resilience offers

Ultimately, living my life with resilience has given me confidence, positive influence, focus, purpose, and my favorite, freedom! This freedom allows me to wake up at 8 a.m. and make a healthy meal for my daughters, Ariana and Alicia. I get to be the one to play with and teach them daily. When they’re sick, I’m the one who nurses them back to health. If we want to take a trip, I can do that with them.

Professionally, I get to work with some of the most innovative and driven business owners in their industry – real game changers! I tackle my day with enthusiasm and excitement because resilience has helped me design a life of meaning and balance.

But the biggest impact resilience has had in my life is that I don’t deal with guilt, ever! Not once do I ever feel out of alignment or disconnected. Living my life with a sense of purpose and knowing that I can conquer anything makes me a better person, parent, spouse, and business owner, and there’s no greater accomplishment than that.

If you would like to know more about how resilience can work for you, I’d love to hear from you. You can email me at veronica@lifeleaderscoaching.com.

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